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Tips for Repair and Maintenance of Dock in St. Augustine, FL and the surrounding area.

Your dock is a vital aspect of your property, providing you an area for a host of leisure activities with friends and family. Keeping your dock repaired and well-maintained is a top concern. Docks in the North Florida area are, heavily exposed to the elements and require the use of specific materials and construction methods. These easy dock repair tips can help extend the life and usability of your waterfront structure

Choose Replacement Materials Carefully
Being in the St. Augustine, FL area, your dock will be exposed to harsh UV rays, corrosive salt water, high winds and more on a regular basis because of its unique location. You may discover boards that are damaged, warping or rotting; or you may find that screws or other materials have rusted or corroded. When you select replacement materials, choose supplies that will hold up to the elements. Treated wood or vinyl products that look like wood are great options, for example.

Preserve the Materials
If you have real wood on your dock, you may want to treat and preserve it regularly to help maintain the integrity and appearance of the structure. Water and humidity can result in rot, mold growth and general which can be unsightly and is some cases, unsafe for use. Choose a water-based sealant that is approved for over-water use. Sealing your wood dock regularly will help protect your investment and will keep it looking great for many years to come.

Know When to Call a Professional
A dock is more than just a deck built over the water. Replacing some damaged materials may be easy enough for some people, but you may run into a project that you are simply not comfortable with or that requires specific knowledge, tools, and/or equipment. In such cases, call the dock repair experts at Breakwater Marine Construction in St. Augustine FL expertly repair your valuable asset.